Let me start building your email list for you!

After all, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that “NOT” collecting emails is like leaving money on the table.

I have a simple Done-For-You process ready to go!

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*Please note there is a one-time fee of $50 for services* 


Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

We’ll create the perfect size graphics for your social media account, according to your branding and email directly to you in a PNG or JPG format!

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

With this essential service, you’ll get daily social media posts to the social platform that you prefer. At the above pricing, this is good for:

Strategic Posting Schedule, 1 post per day, Monday – Friday weekly + 5 engagements per day, Monday – Friday weekly, Strategic Follow/UnFollow Execution and an End-of-Month Report.

This is $300 for one social media platform, $500 for two platforms and $650 for 3 platforms. You can choose between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (see below for Pinterest info).

Ask me how you can get your 1st month for just $99 per platform to test the waters!

…if you need more customization such as more posts per day or posting more days per week, shoot me a message and we’ll tailor your service…

Looking for a freebie to give your subscribers for those email addresses? We can take care of that for you. Get a professionally researched and crafted 5-7 page eBook created just for you and your brand!

We’ll make sure it’s in a PDF format, ready to go and emailed over to you!

Do you know that you should be building your list (your very own business asset)?! Well you’re right! If you don’t have the time or tech-savvy skills to get the job done, no worries, we do!

You’ll get weekly, targeted emails based on your marketing needs and formatted right in your email marketing software. Then we’ll schedule them out for optimal times for your list!

We’ll make sure you have a great, professional, branded template!

*price is $300/mo for 5-week months*

Short on time? We’ll do the brainstorming, writing and find you some great stock photo to go along with each post. This price is good for four 800-900-word posts with images and formatting!

We’ll get everything typed up in a Word Doc and emailed right to your inbox!

What’s even better? I’ll throw in a graphic with a short blurb for your social media platform of choice to share your new posts with your followers!

Want to give it a shot before committing?

I’ll do a single post with the works for just $75 to test the waters.

*price is $300/mo for 5-week months*

We’ll help your business get the reach you deserve and get you in front of your target audience. We can’t reveal our awesome strategy, but we’ll keep your account consistent in accordance with your brand, optimized and growing! (This price is for those purchasing Pinterest Management separately)*

Let me know if you need full account set-up as well!

Get the grand combination of full circle marketing and keep your business in front of your audience and growing!

You’ll get weekly blog posts with a branded pin for each, weekly emails, one new lead magnet per month and full Pinterest Management.

Simplify your life and get everything you need, all in one place!


Unsure of which way you’d like to go or what’s best for your business? Let’s connect…

I look forward to hearing from you soon ♥


 Disclaimer: In alignment with my philosophy, I will only put out halal (good) content free of racist, slanderous, inappropriate or harsh language/images/video.

I’m interested in working with businesses who share this philosophy. I’m about projecting your company’s image in the best light, as well as mine.