Need a break from all that research and writing? … You’re in the right place!

Spending too much time away from your family trying to put everything together?

Don’t do it!

Hire Amira Bella to do the writing and posting while you focus on your craft and the heart of your business…


Who am I?

I’m the founder of Amira Bella Agency, I’m also a wife and homeschooling mother to beautiful twin girls. I have a strong appreciation of family and living a healthy lifestyle. We like to go on adventures and explore our Creator’s playground 🙂

I’m also passionate about entrepreneurship. Thus, my specializations in healthy living, family and home business. I love writing and exercising my creativity!

  I’ve created websites, blogs and successful social media posts (see Portfolio Page). I just completed my Associate of Arts degree. I also enjoy helping entrepreneurs and I’m a newly self-published author on Amazon.


Shante ♥


Disclaimer: In alignment with my philosophy, I will only put out halal (good) content free of racist, slanderous, inappropriate or harsh language/images/video.

I’m interested in working with businesses who share this philosophy. I’m about projecting your company’s image in the best light, as well as mine.