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If you haven’t gotten that email list-building task off the ground,

let me get it started for you!

After all, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that “NOT” collecting emails is like leaving money on the table.


I have a simple Done-For-You process ready to go!

Hire Amira Bella Agency!



I specialize in building you a strong email list for mass, targeted marketing to increase your chances in sales growth.

I have the complete set-up! Your required effort is minimal.

Here are some details of the system I have in place…


It’s a system that will create a real asset for your business and help you attract new customers, as well as tempt your existing customers to spend money with you more frequently.

With my system, I will build you an email list of your customers and potential customers and then turn that list into extra sales for you.

However, an email list can only get you sales if there are lots of people on it…people who are highly targeted prospects for you. And that is where my Viral Prize Draw Software comes in!

With my Viral Prize Draw Software, we’ll offer a prize of your choosing (something such as, a free product or service would work great) and then I’ll create an attractive looking entry page for the draw.

Here’s an example of what that draw would look like…

(I would recommend a physical product or service offering in lieu of money…just an example here)

2018-07-31 (2)

So people in your area see the draw online and give you their name and email address to enter the draw. That adds them to your email list. But that’s not all…then the magic of the system happens…

Once they’ve entered, they then see a page like this…

2018-08-03 (3)

This gives them the chance to get more entries in the draw (and increase their own chances of winning the prize) by sharing the draw online on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Most people want to increase their chances of winning so they will use the button to share the draw.

This causes the viral effect because people share the draw, which means more people enter the draw, which means more share it…and so on. And each person who enters is another person on your email list that you can promote your products and services to month after month.

It is not unusual for one Viral Prize Draw to build a list of 300, 500 or even 1,000+ people. All people who are potential customers and want to hear about you.

And this will just be the beginning…

Over time, your database will continue to grow, becoming an even more powerful asset, tempting even more people to your business.


So, how much does it cost?


My system includes:

  • Set-up of your prize draw with my Viral Prize Draw Software
  • Set-up of the standalone website which hosts your prize draws. This will have its own domain name relevant to your business.
  • Set-up of your email list system in GetResponse. This is a paid service, but with my system, all costs are included. I house the list as the contest runs and export out the list to you at the end of the contest.

With my Done-For-You system, your initial set-up is included at no extra charge!

Your total investment today is just $60!


This low monthly cost should be paid upon receipt of invoice before services begin and it covers a list of up to 500 people.

When your list grows above that number, and becomes even more profitable for you, your monthly cost will increase by just $30 for every 500 people on your list.

So, ongoing costs for a list of 501 to 1000 people will be $90, 1001 to 1500 will be $120, and so on. This is because of the incremental increase in email list software costs but it means that your costs are only rising when you already have the list and an increase in profits to make it more than worthwhile.

No long term contract! I’ll be working hard to ensure that your email list is constantly profitable for you, but if you ever decide to cancel, then you can do so at any time and the email list we have built will be yours to keep and use as you wish.


*Bonus Offer*

Monthly Newsletter (for only an additional $50 per month)

There is no point building a large email list of your customers and potential customers and then not sending them anything. So, I’m also offering to create and send a newsletter each month. You will need to tell me what you want to include in the newsletter of course. As you know your business better than me.

However, the design of an attractive looking newsletter and then sending it to your growing list is taken care of for you each month!

So, every month your Done-For-You system would include:

  • Fully managed solution so whenever you want a newsletter sent to your list (up to once per month for the $50), you simply send the wording and any images to me and I will format the newsletter and send it to your ever-growing list (after you have seen and agreed upon a proof copy of course)
  • All GetResponse email list software costs for housing your list
  • The email list we build is yours and yours alone. You are welcome to have a copy of the list at any time and if you ever decide to leave the system, your entire list will be sent to you so you can still use it
  • Support and help from me when needed
  • Web hosting costs for your Viral Prize Draw Software
  • Set-up of further Viral Prize Draws every month. Many businesses run a different prize draw every month to ensure the email list continues to grow.


That’s just a $110 investment

for the contest + monthly newsletter to get started!

Just a tiny 2% response from a list of 1000 can increase your monthly revenue by hundreds of dollars or more. So, I know that the small monthly cost will be the best marketing investment you’ll make.

What happens next?

To get started with your Viral Prize Draw Service in my system, please CONTACT ME HERE letting me know you’re ready to get started!

Let me know if you’d just like the prize draw contest or if you’d like to include a monthly newsletter.

Recap: Contest alone is just $60 per month and Contest + Monthly Newsletter is just $110 per month to start building.

I’ll then draw up a contract for services and send over a Word Doc requesting your company info so that I can get started upon your approval and payment!

My system may not be suitable for all industries, but it is for most! So please also let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you.

Feel free to check out my other services below if you need more digital business assistance…



SM Mgmt Pic


Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Graphic made via Canva and emailed directly to you




(Options: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest)

~ Social Media Strategy

~ Social Media Content Calendar

~ Follow/Unfollow

~ Board Creation + Daily Pinning

~ Post Creation / Scheduling

~ Monthly Tracking Report


Email Mkt Pic


~ Lead Magnet Creation

~ Landing Page Creation

~ Opt-In Form

~ 5-Day Auto Series

~ Email Content

~ Content Calendar for Remainder of 1st Month

~ Plan of Action for Social Media Marketing

~ Plan of Action for Landing Page Traffic

*Content Only Option does not include landing page & opt-in form*

*Content + Format Option is set-up in your email system*

I specialize in MailChimp, GetResponse and ClickFunnels…but let me know what else you’re using if you still need help.


Newsletter Pic


~ 1 Email Newsletter Template Created

~ Your Provided Content Formatted in Email

~ Your Images Included + Some Royalty-Free Stock Photos, as needed

~ Personalized with Recipients First Name Included in Outgoing Emails

~ Email Scheduled/Sent to Recipients on Desired Dates and Times

~Option for me to house your list in my business account and send emails from there (additional fee will apply as list grows to accommodate software cost increase)


I can create the newsletters directly from the email system you currently use

*If I house your list, your list will still remain 100% yours and can be exported back out to you in the event we discontinue working together…it will not be sold or shared*


CS Pic


Support via FreshDesk Software

~ Get your own email support link for customers

~ Access to dashboard (for assistance with escalated issues)

~ I will log on for up to 2 hours per day to respond to inquiries (days of your choosing)

~ Professional Call Support

~ I will make follow-up calls as necessary

~ I will make outgoing courtesy calls as necessary


Blog Wrtng Pic


~ Up to 1,000 words each

~ Brainstorming

~ Research

~ Writing

~ Royalty-Free Stock Photo(s)

*Content Only Option, I will email to you in a word doc*

*Content + Format, I will format in your blog or email system if using WordPress*

*10% discount for monthly writing packages of 3 months or more*


va pic


~ Internet Research

~ List Building

~ Data Entry

~ Copy Typing

~ Event Planning Assistance (making reservations, contacting vendors for pricing, research, etc.)

~ Something else? Just ask ~




Are you unsure of which services you need? Please fill in the form below to contact me with your business needs or concerns and I’ll reply to you with a plan of action.

Please Include:

  • Brief Description of your blog/company
  • Your business needs
  • When you would like to begin (estimation)


You can also shoot me a text (319) 382-0083

I look forward to hearing from you soon ♥

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I’m interested in working with businesses who share this philosophy. I’m about projecting your company’s image in the best light, as well as mine.