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*Create Content for Social Media, Emails and Texts




*Content Includes:

-Creating catchy graphics


-Curating content

  • finding content already on social media and sharing through your channels
  • could include: articles, posts, videos or images

-Pro-actively utilize the 80/20 rule

  • 80% content should inform/educate/entertain, whereas 20% content is direct promotion of the business

-Utilize SEO keywords for post descriptions (where necessary) and written content

-Opt-Ins for collecting email/text subscribers


*Manage Social Media:

-Start/Manage Facebook Page

-Start/Manage Instagram Page


*Social Media Management Includes:

-Creating Content

-Scheduling Posts

-Post Distribution

-Audience Engagement

-Moderator Services

-Customer Support

-Monthly Tracking Reports


*Email Marketing  (MailChimp) Includes:

-Create Landing Page with Sign-Up Form

-Add it to site if you have one

-Create Lead Magnet

-Set up email automation

-Plan monthly content calendar

-Collect Emails

-Create Campaign every two weeks

  • Written Content
  • Images
  • Coupons
  • Deals

-Schedule/Distribute Emails

-Track Campaign Progress




*Text Message Marketing:

-Obtain ‘Text Word’ for customers to subscribe to receiving texts

-Manage List of subscribers

-Send out mass text deals as needed, strategically



*WordPress Blog Management:

-Write blog once per month or twice per month

-Include Royalty-Free Stock Images

-Format in WordPress


-Manage Responses/Engage with Followers (if need be)


*Customer Service:

-Proactively engage with your followers on social media

-Respond to inquiries via social media

-Respond to inquiries via email

-Follow-up calls to customer inquiries


*Administrative Assistance:

-Internet Research

-Local Research

-List Building

-Data Entry

-Customer Service

-Business Brainstorming

-Appointment Setting

-Cold Calling (depends on the industry – just ask)

-Anything else, just ask…



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Because I’m currently a 1-woman show, I can only take on a few clients to give the best service.

So if you’re interested, please contact me right away for prices to move forward ♥